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Selected Press

Rhodes, David. "Artcritical Pick: Melissa Meyer at Lennon, Weinberg", April 29, 2016 (PDF)

Yau, John. "Conversations Can Be a Way of Moving Forward: Melissa Meyer's Category-Resistant Abstractions", April 17, 2016 (Link)

Two Coats of Paint
Butler, Sharon. "Newness: Melissa Meyer at Lennon, Weinberg", April 10, 2016 (Link)

The Forward
Rubin, Hannah. "A Manifesto for the Unsung Female Artist", April 10, 2015 (Link)

The Art Section
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The Wall Street Journal
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The Huffington Post
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The New Criterion
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The Brooklyn Rail
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The Wall Street Journal
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Essays and Statements by Melissa Meyer

Artist's Project: Melissa Meyer in Esopus 22 (Spring 2015) (Link)

Melissa Meyer interviewed by Stephanie Buhmann (April 3, 2013) (PDF)

Conversation Between Pavel Zoubok and Melissa Meyer (PDF)

"Quotes and Watercolors" in The Sienese Shredder (Link)

In The Margins 19 Interviews (Interview with M.G.Lord) (PDF)

"Femmage" with Miriam Schapiro from HERESIES (1978) (PDF)